Angie’s letter from Sussex




My dear Miss Tomkinson,

I felt I must write you this line, which I am afraid I really meant to send some days ago.

The truth is I just do not know how to begin to thank you enough for all your kindness to me while at Tusmore.

You were far too sweet and spoiling to us all, & I know had we hunted all through the counties of England, we should never have found a more thoughtful or understanding Commandant.

I cannot tell you know much we miss everyone at Tusmore; in fact I still find it hard to realise that I am not just on leave.

Life has been terribly hectic since I left, but I have been having a wonderful time, & have seen & stayed with no end of people.

At the moment Flavia & I are staying at Seaford in Sussex to get a breath of sea air.  It is a sweet little place & we have bathed several times tho’ the weather is not as warm as it might be.

We leave for Ireland at the beginning of August – very exciting, but I only hope the Irish Sea is not as rough as it has been down here!

After that I am going out to join Huntly for a fortnight.  He has been made Canadian Representative on the U.N.R.R.A. (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration created at a 44-nation conference at the White House on 9 November 1943.) Council meeting which is to be held in Geneva.  Isn’t it a grand idea; I have never been to Switzerland at this time of year & so am terribly thrilled.

You will I expect have already heard from Eileen that we had an interview before she left – quite successful I think & we both start the course in September.  It sounds pretty stiff but extremely interesting.  We will let you know how we get on in Germany if & when we arrive there!

Please thank Miss Pope very much for sending my health insurance card, etc.  I am so glad her father is really better.

Once again Miss Tomkinson, thank you so very, very much for all your sweetness to me during my stay at the hospital.  I loved the work & shall always look back on those three years as being some of the happiest days of my life.

With my love to you & all at Tusmore.

Angie  .


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