From Mary Neville

Alvescot? Aloescot


Jan 22nd 1942

Dear Miss Tomkinson,

Thank you so much for making my time at Tusmore so happy: I did hate leaving, but it is lovely to think I can see you all again soon.

I should not think there is any convalescent hospital in England half so nice as Tusmore.  You give it such a friendly unhospitally sort of an atmosphere which makes just all the difference.

I think it is marvellous the way you bother about everybody’s schemes & always contrive somehow to get us to the place we want, even though Tusmore is so isolated & wartime communications so difficult.

I do thank you also for always lending such a sympathetic ear to one’s problems & difficulties; you get to the root of the matter so quickly & usually have some excellent suggestion, which solves the problem straight away.

It is such a lovely feeling that you are always ready to listen & will understand any small thing & that you won’t think one stupid for having asked you about it.

I feel it is so lovely having the Bicester family still living at Tusmore & you make just the right link between them & us.

I am most awfully grateful for all you have done for me & I shall miss you very much, it really will be lovely to come back for a weekend I hope I shall be able to see Mrs Hodgson when I come I have so much enjoyed meeting her over these Guides.

You must be very busy now showing the new secretary where everything is, I am sure she will be a success.

I am thankful I can give our governess a holiday from evacuees while I am here, she looks quite worn out poor thing.

Yours affectionately

Mary Neville


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