From Delia

Grove House,




Station Oxford.

Tel. Stanton St. John 2


February 5th


Darling Joyce,

I should like to write you a short letter to thank you a million times for being so divine to us all the time we were at Tusmore, truthfully, you and the horses (I hope you like being allied with Peterabad?, Red Prince and Summer) made all the difference.  Not that it wouldn’t have been fun anyway, but you made it just that bit extra nice, that put Tusmore so much above the other old hospitals.  Sometimes you must have thought us very ungrateful, and have wondered whether it was worth being nice to us – I hope it was from your point of view!  The amount of brainwork you used to plan our days off, and to see that we got our days hunting and our jaunts up to London, is incredible and either you will have used all your brain up, or it will be the most active in the world, at the end of the war.  I wonder which!  I honestly think that my sixteen months at Tusmore were about the happiest in my life – in fact I’m sure they were, we really were such a nice lot!  It’s awful to think that we shall never be all together again.  I came over to Tusmore to-day and collected all my luggage, which I only just managed to get into the car.  We gave Miss Canning a smart green silk umbrella which she seemed to like.  Dear Miss Canning.  By the way just after you’d left me on Tues. the bus came along and picked me up although no-one had told it about me.

Also, by the way, I think last time we had our telephone bill the calls were much less f instance to Orford? and Stanton St. John was 4d. to Fritwell was 1d. and when I said “How cheap”, you said it was because Tusmore was a subscriber or something.  This time Orford 7d. Fritwell 2d.  So it has all come to far more.  I thought praps Miss Pope didn’t know, but I know Joan Wilson wrote down the charges of calls in the book and they were the small prices.  Hope you don’t mind me asking this, it’s just one of the many things I should have pestered you about!

How’s the sugar situation?!  and who’s Pantry Head?!

I expect I shall be seeing you again soon, at the concert on the 12th.

Thank you for everything Joyce,

With all love,





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