From Lavinia



Cloud’s Hill





Darling Miss T.

I still can’t believe that I’ve really left Tusmore and that it isn’t just leave.  I had such a very very happy time and there’s so much to thank you for, I couldn’t begin to think of all the things you did for all of us.  Anyhow, I was always as glad to get back after leave as I was to get home, so I couldn’t have been exactly living a life of misery!

Also a very special thank-you for all the hunting and the rides on Darling Judy.  I’m sure there’s no other Commandant in England who arrives at the meet with a pack of underlings it’ll probably be a current scandal in post-war days!!  But I had more riding and hunting at Tusmore than any other time in my life so you’ll have at least one person to stick up for the Galloping Commandant!

My face, hurray! is better, all the Beastly Bits pulled off, but the problem now is getting the purple dye off.  Even spirit doesn’t do much good as I can’t rub hard as the skin is still newish, I am only hoping it’ll be gone before the party on Thursday.  At least it harmonizes with my dress!

Cooking is the order of the day here, cook’s on holiday, and now I’ve never seen a more perfect example of “Too many cooks…”  We’re surviving, though, & I can always quietly eat a dish of Cremola? in the corner if I get too ravenous.  If it isn’t too late, could you ask Toni or someone to deal with my laundry which I left in a bag in my room.

My love to everyone, it’ll be fun coming back next week-end

With v. best love and many many thanks for everything



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