From Toni

Farnborough Court,



Farnborough 1198                          St. Anthony,


Georgeham, N. Devon.

Woolacombe 107.

June 1st. 42.


Darling Miss Tomkinson.


It was so sweet of you to write to me, and it was a great relief to me as I was in a frenzy about the Pantry being short & was all for foxing (?) the clark (?) ow (?) specialist in coming!!  You are wonderful to “understand” all over again but then you always do.  Dr Cary’s (?)  technique may depend on killing or curing but his treatment is most painful as he seems to hoick half my nose out each time, and at the moment my head-aches are much worse & its like having a permanent tooth-ache in my nose.  I’m all alone down here and its very boring and very healthy which should do me good!!


I think he is right about not going out in London as I tried on my birthday and got much worse.  I’ve seen a lot of Delia and Lavinia, both in great heart I thought.  Ann stayed with me for a few days last week in Norfolk.  Hugh seems to be going abroad definitely next week.  I saw Nicola who is off to Lisbon any moment!! Very hush-hush!!  Isnt it wonderful about Mrs Woo’s son?  I feel quite sick every time I think of Bill in Lybia.  We were all very proud as there was a lot of headline about him being a hero in the Daily Telegraph not long ago.  But I wish hed stop being heroic & they’d all come back home.  Its such hell for mummy.  I laughed & laughed about you and Mrs Canning’s kitchen- staff-coupons!!  Do give her my love.  Oh, Delia told me about matrons super-Enal/Gnal(?) British remarks about wops (that being me) being nice, lazy and dirty.   Slight umbrage or do I have to admit its true?  But I really do think there is something eerie (?) about the triple room cos it wont keep clean.  I was quite English & nice when I used to share the other with Mrs Woo!!  Anyway I think its very unfair on the wops who are incidentally VERY hard-working to have to go by me!!!  I havent been able to see much of Peter which is rather sad but he is going to try and fit in a week’s leave before he goes to Sandhurst.


Oh, DARLING Miss Tomkinson, please, please, if you have a few days to spare Do put them in here, wed all so love to see you and its very lovely right on the sea.  Just wire and come.  I’m afraid my coming back depends entirely on when the nose gets well again.  I should say the latest would be the end of August as my hay-fever which will worsen matters stops at the end of July and the doctor said that would give me a month to get really clear of it in.  But if there are any further flaps (?) do tell me & I will let you know as soon as I can.  I cant tell you how sorry I am & how ashamed I feel to be such a nuisance.


All my love to you all, but most to you.





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