Tomkinson ancestors

This print* hung in Aunt Joyce’s drawing room. The original was at her home at Willingon Hall, Cheshire, until her nephew [check who it was] sold it. Other family members were painted by Gainsborough. These paintings of her [ check if they are paternal grandmother and grandfather ] hang in the home of another family member.

Thomas Gainsborough painted these Tomkinson boys in the 1750s: Henry (standing) was born 1741, married Anne, daughter of John Darlington; Edward (seated) was born 1743 assumed the name of Wettenhall [mother was Katherine Wettenhall] in 1798 when he married Sarah, daughter of James Marsden Esq. Edward inherited Bostock Hall when his cousin William died without issue in C1770.

The identities of these boys was under review. Are they the sons ? of James Tomkinson Esq. of Dorfold, Cheshire [younger brother of William Tomkinson of Bostock, Cheshire] or  grandsons?


*Mezzotint by EE Milner published in 1915 by E. Klackner, London. The original, by Thomas Gainsborough [1727-1788], is now at the Taft Museum of Art ,Cincinnati, USA.


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