26 Hillfoot,




My Dear Miss Tomkinson,


Thank you so much for your lovely letter, you have really no idea how they cheered me up.  It was so nice learning all about Tusmore, but I was sorry to hear about the staff, but how like us!


I hope they are all back now, & feeling well.  I saws Mr Addis yesterday afternoon & he said if I really wanted to get back to the Hospital, that I could go next week.  I told him that I did want to get back, as I felt a “shirker” now that I knew it was only rheumatism.  He gave me some more pills, and he will also send supplies down to Tusmore to me.  He also says that if I take the pills regularly & keep to what he tells me that he will completely rid me knee of the rheumatism.  I really believe him too, as I feel the pills have done me good.  I thought that I’d travel down to London on Wednesday night, that would give you time to let me know if it didn’t fall in with your’s & matron’s arrangements and come out to Bicester on the 4.5 P.M. from Paddington on Thursday.  I’m really longing to get back into “Harness” as I feel I’ve been sitting back while everyone else has got on with the job.


My sister, I am glad to say feels much better for her week in Harris.  She is also taking an outside interest in things again.


On Wednesday night we made some “marzapan potatoes”, it’s a good thing no-one saw how we made them, but they tasted good.  She also wants to see “thousands cheer” tonight.  I don’t know how she’ll do, but she has not been to anything since she got the news.  However, it’s a good sign so I will go with her & cross my fingers that she will be alright.


The weather is very changeable.  I do hope it starts to settle, it makes such a difference if the weather is nice.  How is Lady Bicester?  Please give her my love & also to Miss Pope.  I’m going to write to Miss Pope tonight.  So sorry I couldn’t send any of you a P.C. from Harris but there are none to be had now.  We had a really lovely time.  Plenty of lovely tweed there now though all on coupons isn’t too bad?  The staff seemed to have had a great time at the party, I’m so glad they enjoyed it and I can just imagine how they ate all the good things.  My sister sends her good wishes & says she will never forget you little Book.  My love to everyone,

With love




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