July 22nd, 1942

Mulberry House,

Bentworth, Alton, Hants.

Medstead 3108.

Dearest Joyce.  You were so sweet to write to me when James arrived – it is so wonderful to have a son, I still don’t really feel he is mine, he is a lovely baby – I think quite perfect and prettier than babies are apt to be.  He is completely Roger – nothing bears the least resemblance to me.  Roger has been in Madagascar; he is back in Durban now – so where he will go next nobody knows, I hope not still farther away – it will be quite awful if he isn’t home to see James while( he) is a baby.  It’s a thrill to think I will have my own house and belongings about me.  The workmen are in there now doing odd jobs.  Expect to be living there about the middle of August.  Will you come to visit me?  It will be a war time house hold, but quite fun I hope.

I loved having Doreen here for a few days – but the ending was very sad, when she heard her brother had been killed in Libya.  Having a baby has made me feel so well.  I think better than I have ever been in my life!  Please will you give my love to the Bicester family – and very much to yourself.



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