Rose Laine to Mrs Beckwith-Smith

[This was in the bundle of letters kept by Aunt but is not to or from her and mentions Stratton Audley not Tusmore. For completeness it’s included. We hope someone may make the connection and tell us. If you know, please comment below. ]


Savoy Hotel London

Telephone Temple Bar 4343: Telegrams Savoy Hotel London


Feb 19. 1944


Dear Mrs Beckwith-Smith,


I do want to thank you so very much for your kindness in having me at Stratton Audley.  It was a most interesting and delightful two days and I shall remember it always.


The Jumbo (?) will always be treasured, please do tell the matron and Mrs Knight how much I value it.  Everyone at home shall know the story of Jumbo and the three charming figures in his Howdah.


Thank-you and remember your promise to come to Canada.


Rose Laine.




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