Rosemary Webb

23 Basildon Court,

Devonshire St (?)


My dear Miss Tomkinson


Have had great ideas for writing to you all Today but I’m still in the most awful muddle – there was no room for me when I arrived – cliff has spread in the 2 years – anyway things are slightly more organised now – but nothing can make me realise quite soon that I won’t be catching the 4 -5 – How I have missed you all so much – you don’t know!  Life is so different on ones own, the only thing I notice is the cleaning up of the voice business(!) not that I was particularly inflicted – many many thanks for your many kindnesses – I’ve loved those 2 years more than any I can remember – my only hope now is that we can always meet and see each other somewhere.  I’m so longing to know if you like your new matron – I do hope so – I feel you do and that she is very nice.  Last night was most entertaining in this district & tonight the alert has gone but its slow getting underway – when it does we have a date on the roof.  Last night we were past going to bed – I swore (as always!) & as it was rather too noisy to be sleep making – I turned a cupboard out & did another of the necessary corners of this wee flat – so Hitler did not put me out too much.  The flies grieved me – there were so many and very near to us.  I wonder what’s in store for us tonight.


Am wondering if Rachel will be up this week?  I was all set for her proposed visit on Tuesday.


I have not been to H.Q. yet, am coping with my own problems first so that I have at least one part of my life settled.  Cliff and I went out on Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours – on my return found a little note from Sgt G(?)ummer who had called – Miss him – he must have remembered that I would be home this month – Ive written to him to come again if he is still at Woolwich – As you can guess I have not yet copied out the inventory but will do so in the next few days and send it on to you or matron –


No more now – my love and many thanks – do come to town soon – (maybe I’ll be back at Tusmore if these raids persist ??)


My love,


Rosemary Webb




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