Clarence Lodge

Englefield Green

Nr Epham


Oct: 25th 42


Dear Miss Tomkinson,


I thought I would just write & thank you so very much for everything.  I don’t know how to tell you how much I enjoyed the 6 months I was at Tusmore.

Can’t think how much I miss being back with you all & I should come back at once if only it wasn’t the best thing to stay here.

I’m afraid we have been very spoilt at Tusmore, & the differences between that & this place – is quite beyond compare.  To start with we live on quite what no one knows but we have a shrewd suspicion it is Horse, & bad at that (delicious?!)

Apart from that we usually do have to work rather hard & my back Is rapidly going out after a week like the last one.  I just dread tomorrow morning when we have to start again.

I do hope to come to see you again soon.  I think we may have a long weekend  next week, so I expect I shall go to Stratton & and then I can come over & see you all which will be so lovely.

Well I must stop now but again thank you more than I can say for everything – I shall never hope to go to a place again where I would be as happy as I was at Tusmore.

With love to everyone who I know.

Much love & again thank you,







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