Elizabeth Neville

Alvescot                                                                                                                          August 25

   Oxfordshire.                                                                                    Carteston (?)243.

Mydear Miss Tomkinson,

Thank you for everything.

I did love being at Tusmore with you and Matron & the other VADs & Pantry.  You do have the knack of getting hold of a nice collection of people, it makes all the difference whom you work with.

I sent off your brown suitcase from Oxford, & put “to be called for” on it.  Thank you so much for lending it to me I should never have got half my things in without it.

I saw Joan Wilson at the Acland yesterday, getting on very well, but she’ll have to stay at least a week.  Mrs Elliott Smith did the operation that same evening that she went in, & her hand/head (?)  is still discharging but she seemed very cheerful, & was most grateful for all that had been done for her at Tusmore.

I hope the gymkhana was a success; it was kind of you bringing me to the station.

Mary went back on Monday, it was grand being home for a bit with her.

Yours affectionately Elizabeth Neville








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