Rubena Dean

Stansted Hall. A.N.

Bishops Stortford. Herts.

June 1st 1 am


Dear Miss Tomkinson,

I have just written a somewhat lengthy account of some of my impressions of this Con. Home to Matron.  As I know she will tell you, and you will all probably hear about it at one of your hilarious meals I’ll leave it at that.

When I arrived, in fact ever since, I’ve felt how different this was from Tusmore.  I miss you all, the friendly atmosphere, the freedom, and games.  What fun you do have compared with here.  Still I suppose its what is called “experience” trotting (?) around.  As I have remarked to Matron I really don’t feel this is permanent – in fact when Matron & the sister have had their holidays, I am intending visiting headquarters.

I remember you once saying you preferred Tusmore with about 40 or perhaps 30 inmates.  I quite agree.  A 100 seems enormous, one never feels a complete master of all those names.  Their stays here are on the whole shorter – perhaps because we are much nearer civilisation.

There are several people (staff) here I’m sure would make you smile.  Sister Lilley who is British but lived in USA nearly all her life is perpetually saying “now when I was in Can-ada” or else “of course in America” etc.  We tease her rather a lot, & fortunately she has a good sense of humour.  Miss Pink seems to be the terror of the place.  She calls herself housekeeper.  At a rough guess she weighs between 15 and 20 stone – poor soul she can hardly walk – still she waddles around with a cigarette glued to her upper lip, til she finds a chair in which to wedge herself.  In spite of her infirmity she manages to cause a great deal of disturbance around the place.  Now I must add a note to Miss Pope.

How are the tournaments?  I’d love a game of tennis again, in fact I often wish I was back with you all, even tho’ you are situated rather off the beaten track.  By the way I will return my “sun” as soon as I have read it.

Best wishes to you all

Yours very sincerely,

Rubena Dean

P.S.  Please excuse my economy of paper & method of posting.


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