From Bunny/Bonny Willes


Manor Park House,

Mansfield Road,


Dear Miss Tomkinson,

I was so terribly sorry to have to leave Tusmore without seeing you, but of course I never expected to be called up so soon as my papers had only been posted four days before my posting instructions came through.

It was simply hateful tearing myself away from Tusmore & saying Good Bye to everyone.  I had spent such a happy time there & I shall miss everybody so much.

I was supposed to report at the Royal Naval Hospital Portsmouth, but unfortunately I developed an attack of ‘flu the day after I left Tusmore & am still running a slight temperature but am hoping to be able to report there on Monday.  I hope this delay through sickness will not mean that I shall miss the vacancy at Portsmouth as I am very anxious to go there.  I am sure I shall like it my Commandant in London wrote me a letter telling me how nice it was & that she knew I would be very happy there.

I will write again when I get to Portsmouth & let you know how I am liking it ______________or not!!

Yours sincerely

Bunny/Bonny Willes


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