Gill’s letter

October 25                                                                                                                                                                                      46, Albion Gate

London W.2.


Dear Miss Tompkinson,

I am so sorry I have not written before to say thank you for the nice time Sarah and I had at Tusmore, we did enjoy ourselves very much indeed.

At the moment we are working rather hard, which is a very good thing as, the place we are at is rather like Hampstead Heath;  not very pleasant.  There are quite a few girls who we know which is very nice; but if we did not get away every week-end I think we would go mad with shorthand.

We have a long weekend next weekend and we are thinking of coming to Tusmore if there is any room and you don’t mind having us.  It will be lovely to come back again, I am going to ring up Granny on Sunday 25th and ask her, it will mean coming on Friday 30th till the Monday morning.  I do hope you have managed to get some people for the pantry and that Anne is getting on alright.

Please give my love to Miss Pope.

With Love



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